Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2004 Novy Grenache

Novy Vineyards is owned by Adam and Diane Lee of the Pinot Noir Famous Siduri Vineyards. They trace their family history back to Czechoslovakia, and Novy is Czech for New. The coolest thing.....they are fact they owned a bottle shop down in Austin. The Lee's have made quite a name for themselves in the field of Pinot Noir. They make numerous vineyard specific Pinots. They have used Novy to make Cabs, Merlot, some amazing Syrah and a Grenache, but never ever a Pinot Noir. As with their Pinot Noirs though the Novy wines are mostly Vineyard specific, which really shows the terroir of whatever Vineyard they get their fruit from. This specific Grenache comes from the Judge Family Vineyard in Bennet Valley. Now I have never had a pure 100% Grenache, as most of my experience with the grape is in the great Rhone wines of Chatenaeuf du Pape and Gigondas. This was my first and what an experience it was!
The pour in to the glass was a BRIGHT cherry red. The nose was full of musty, earthy scents along with blueberry, chocolate, and cocoa. In the mouth there was tons of jammy fruit, blueberries, plums, blackberry, along with some clove, and white pepper. Very Jammy and almost thick on the tongue. A very nice wine that could possibly get better with some age.. I'd grade it an A-.

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