Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Review: Microbrews: Ten year Retrosprective

Note: Based on a comment made by Wortwurst the author of the site, I realized that I had spoken too soon. His review is only HALF Complete as there will be 200 total beers.

I have spoken about the wonderful website Microbrews: A 10 year retrospective a couple of times (here, and here), and the project has finally been completed. To review, the gist of this site is that 10 years ago the book Microbrews: A Guide to America's Best new Beers and Breweries, was published, the creator of the site, went about to see how many of those 100 beers mentioned were still around. He finished the project earlier this week and the results are in. Out of the 100 beers published, they were created by a total of 79 breweries. Of those 100 beers only 47 are still active, of the 79 breweries only 47 are still active. I guess its not to surprising that a little over half of the beers and breweries have failed to make it 10 years. As the author states, thats about typical for self run businesses. Its still sad that some good beer has gone to waste. Please go check out the site, and peruse at your leisure.


the said...

It's not complete! There are like 200 more to go. I was just celebrating the point where math becomes easy. Thanks for the mention though.

Barleyvine said...

I stand corrected, when I went back to your original post, I misread the total number of breweries, not sure why 100 was stuck in my head. Sorry about that.

the said...

I changed the wording a little after the fact to make you think that you had gone crazy. It did sound like I was indeed finished. There are actually 303 total and 202 to go.