Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rogue Chocolate Stout

As you read through some of my reviews on this site you may come to realize that I am a huge fan of Stouts. I love their coffee bitterness, and their thickness and amazingly for what some would think a beer too rich and dark, their affinity for good food.
I have spoken in the past about Rogue brewery here.
The Beer: Again I used a chalice shaped glass, something that I tend to prefer when doing tastings. The beer is black as coal, pouring a thick creamy tan head, that once it dissipates only serves to make the beer creamier. There are bitter scents along with cocoa, maybe some burned coffee or esspresso. There is a thick mouthfeel to this beer, you know you are drinking something, thats not water. A low carbonation so the beer just sits in your mouth letting you experience the flavors. These flavor is a feeling of a rich dark chocolate melting in your mouth. There is flavors of chocolate covered esspresso beans. I really enjoyed sipping this beer, it was desert unto itself. Here is what the folks at BA say, most seem to agree with my assessment of this really fine beer.

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