Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tupper-Wine Party?

Sorry for the unusual name of the post but I was reading an article on the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram web page and this is the best I could come up with.
The gist of the story is that people are having tupper ware style Wine Tasting parties in their house. The scope of these events is getting a Wine Educator to come to your house and teach you and others that you may invite about wine. These classes can be as simple as a 'Wine 101' to one that revolves around Spanish Red's. Since most of the Wine educators either work for or have an affiliation with a wine retailer, after the party, the attendees may purchase some of the wines they tasted to be picked up at the aforementioned wine retailer. Its a pretty interesting concept especially for those that can be intimidated by a more formal setting. These events allow people to be in a comfortable setting and decrease the likelihood of pretentiousness that occur in some other style classes. Its a good idea that will open up new avenues of wine education and create new wine lovers.

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Anonymous said...

Hello tedo, Just a small word to say to you that on the dimension of azure in France, the concept of the tupper wine party now exists through my company and my site. Thank you for your blog which is a good thing for the valorization of beer certainly, but of the wine always. Sincere greetings, Virgile V.

Bonjour tedo,
Juste un petit mot pour te dire que sur la cote d'azur en france, le concept des tupper wine party, maintenant existe à travers le site, et mon entreprise.
Merci pour ton blog qui est une bonne chose pour la valorisation de la bière certes, mais du vin toujours.
Sincères salutations,
Virgile V.