Saturday, August 08, 2009

Boulevard Two Jokers Double Wit

I'm always happy to see a new beer from Boulevard's Smoke Stack Series. These bottle conditioned beers all served in a 750 ml Champagne style bottle with cork and cage are amazing beers. I've had their DIPA, Quad, and most others, but recently two new beers arrived to my local Spec's. Their Saison and this one, the Double Wit. I always find it amusing to see beer styles circulate and become popular. Lately this style the Double Wit is seeming to be everywhere.
The Beer: This one weighs in at 8%, while not high for some beers, for a wit its up there. It pours a honey orange cloudy yellow color with a thick dense head of white foam. The nose is full of orange and spice (lots of corriander), floral, honey suckle, and a hint of lavender. The mouthfeel is full and effervescent, bright, citrus-y, orange, corriander, honey, flowers, and again a hint of lavender. Very little alcohol here which has been my complaint about double or imperial wit's in the past is that higher alcohol ones really show through. This one is easy to drink. As it warms slightly it becomes spicier with cardomon and corriander and white pepper. Very tasty, very drinkable, each sip leaves me wanting. This one gets an A- from me. Here's what the folks at BA had to say.

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Lee said...

I'll definitely be looking for this one. I've been a fan of Boulevard before it was ever available in Texas, and I've just recently developed a taste for wits.