Monday, November 30, 2009

Odell's Woodcut No.2 Oak Aged Golden Ale

If Odell brewery keeps it up, they are very quickly going to be added to my list of favorite breweries. This small brewery from Ft. Collins, CO has a pretty good standard line up of beers, but its their special ales that are show stoppers. This beer, their WoodCut No. 2 is no different. A special series of beers, each aged in barrells have become very popular. Now they aren't cheap ($20+), so I definetely had to think about it before picking it up during my trip to Denver a few months back. Was it worth it?
The Beer: This one weighs in at a robust 11.0% and pours a dark copper with a thin bubbly head. Nose is oaky, caramel, malty, yeasty, and some notes of alcohol. Mouthfeel is medium bodied, bourbon-y, oak, vanilla, with just a slight bit of alcohol burn at the finish, balancing the sweetness that's apparent up front. Notes of caramel, brown sugar, and spicy hops show up as the beer warms in the glass. A very complex beer that drinks like a maple syrup-y bourbon. Its a very good beer, that gets an A- from me. Can I say it's worth the money? Thats up to you, I enjoyed it, and would probably buy another one to see how it ages, but its not something I would buy a lot of to cellar. The folks at BA enjoy it as well.

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Dave said...

Odell has already put out Woodcut #3 - a Crimson Ale which I've heard is another winner. Odell will be putting out a long run of Single Batch Ales in 750ml bottles. One of their next projects is to make a strong Belgian Golden ale that should be out sometime in the Spring. Top that off with the fact their new expansion brewhouse will be completed by February. This is definitely a brewery to watch.