Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saint Arnolds Winter Stout

I was really happy to see this beer on the shelves when I went to my local Central Market. Last year at this time I was still in Germany so I missed the release. I've really enjoyed the Winter Stout in previous years so I was bummed that I missed it last year.
The Beer: The beer weighs in at 5.6% and pours a very dark, but not quite opaque black. A thinnish head caps the beer poured into a pint glass. The nose is full of roasted malts, cocoa powder, chocolately malts. The big flavor here was the roastiness. The mouth was very malty, coco, chocolatey, maybe a little bit of espresso. That may be the only real negative with this beer. I enjoy a little bit of that espresso bitterness in my stouts and this didn't have it. A very smooth beer, easy drinking, low carbonation so it just sits and coats the mouth. The malt is the predominant flavor as hops are nowhere to be seen. Saint Arnold calls this a Sweet Stout and I can't really disagree with its lower alcohol (even though this is a bit higher), smooth and malty slightly sweet. A very good beer, I give it a B. Here's what the folks over at BA think.

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