Friday, January 04, 2008

Some new stuff on the Blog

A quick note on some additions I've made to the website that I wanted to point them out. On the right hand side I've added two additional categories.
The first category is Houston area Food and Drink blogs.
'A Cooks Tour' the food blog for the Houston Chronicle's Allison Cook.
'Eat our Word's' the food blog for the Houston Press.
'Explore the Pour' is a great website on drinks from a local Houston bartender.

The other new category is me attempting to promote Beer and Food. Right now I only have one link from So I am asking for YOUR help. If you know of any other websites, blogs, etc that promote beer and food please let me know and I'll add their link.

1 comment:

Robert Heugel said...

Thanks for throwing me a link bone, good to know there are other Houston bloggers out there.