Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boulevard Saison

I'm a huge fan of this brewery from Kansas city, especially their Smokestack Series. All of these are bottle conditioned, packaged in a Champagne like bottle with a cork and cage closure. There are four in the Houston market and this is the last and latest one I've had the opportunity to try. This will be a pretty short post today, but I wanted to point out that I love Saison's as a style because they are generally very food friendly.
The Beer: This one weighs in at 6.2% and pours a cloudy golden honey color with a thick white head. The nose is apples and pears with fruity yeasty notes and spice. The mouthfeel is bright and bubbly and effervescent. There are peppery notes, tartness. Crisp and clean, and a small mild sourness a little bit of hoppy bitterness. Some pear and apple notes in the taste as well. A very palate pleasing beer this one gets a a B+ from me. Here's what the folks at BA had to say.


Lee said...

I've been a fan of Boulevard ever since I started dating my wife-to-be back in the early Nineties and she took me to Kansas City to meet the family. I was immediately impressed, and disappointed that it wasn't available in Austin. But at least its scarcity here gave me incentive to visit my in-laws. ;-)

That Double-Wide IPA in the Smokestack Series is mighty good, and I've been hearing great things about the newest addition to their lineup, Single-Wide IPA, but I haven't seen it show up here yet. If I don't see it before summer, that will be my top priority for my next KC trip.

Barleyvine said...

I'd be interested in trying the Single Wide. The other one I want to try is their Brett-Saison. It's their Saison infected with Brett. I had a taste at last year's GABF, but dang it want more!