Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Look: Rosewater

Another week, and another craft cocktail bar has opened up in the Clear Lake area.  It started a couple months ago with Preamble, and then CLC got a tiki style bar with Volcano Room, and now we have a third option in Rosewater.  Its been open about a week, and I've already been there a couple of times to check things out.  I've been excited for this place to open up as soon as I heard about it.   The bar is owned and operated by a former beer distributor, and a NASA engineer turned cocktail enthusiast. (there is another partner, but they are not necessarily involved in the day to day operations).  Those two are usually behind the bar pouring tasty craft cocktails. Now full disclosure, I do know the two folks behind the bar, not extremely well, but we are acquaintances.
Rosewater located on the corner of Clear Lake City Blvd and El Camino is a small shopping center.  The place has housed many different concepts over the years including a coffee shop, wine bar, and a short lived yogurt shop.  When you walk in, you see no indication of its previous tenants.  There is a lot of wood, marble, and brick and moss (there is a framed area of moss on the right when you walk in).  Its a beautiful space really.  On the left are wooden benches with tables and chairs, for 2-4 people to sit.  The right hand side is filled by a long marble topped bar with high backed antique looking chairs. The bar back is wooden shelves filled with a wonderful array of spirits.
The first drink I ordered there blew me away, not for its complexity but for something else. The drink was a well made Negroni which is my go to drink a t a new bar to see how the bartender makes it.  No instead it was the ice.  It was beautiful. Clear, crystal clear.  I turned my glass around and from certain angles it didn't even look like there was ice in the glass.  it was beautiful, and I completely nerded out with the bartender who explained to me that they work with Moving Sidewalk downtown on their ice program.  Some folks may be reading this and be saying TED its only ice!!!
Well that may be true, but ice plays an incredible important role in certain cocktails.  Poorly made ice, that melts too quickly, waters down a cocktail, changing its flavors.  Well made ice on the other hand, won't melt so quickly, and won't give any off flavors to the cocktail.  If a bar puts that much attention on the ice, then you know you are at a special place.  I spent quite some time talking to the guys behind the bar and you can tell how passionate they are about making good cocktails, and making a place of the residents of Clear Lake to gather with a good drink in hand.  They are doing all the right things, fresh juices, house made components when it makes sense, good spirits and liquors, fresh ingredients. All these things help in making well made cocktails.
The other thing that caught my eye was the tap list.  Its not big, only 8 taps, but it was well made which isn't surprising.  What was though were the prices which may be the best priced beer list that I've ever seen in a cocktail bar.  Speaking of prices, the drink menu was well priced as well, with most cocktails around $9 or $10.  They have a happy hour menu from 4-7pm with $7 drinks. All in all I was impressed by their prices for everything including their spirit selection. Their spirit selection isn't huge yet, but they are working on expanding the offerings, although they do have a nice selection of special single barrel bourbons.  Right now there isn't a food program which is a draw back, but they are planning on offering some meat and cheese plates in the future.  I think this will be key as with any cocktail place, it helps to eat a little something even if its just snacks.
The overall feel of the space is very inviting, relaxed, comfortable. I haven't seen it packed yet, but the sound hasn't seemed to carry, although with as much brick and cement that could be an issue.
Rosewater has impressed me from this early stage and is definitely a place I will be a regular at, and very eager to see how this place grows and develops.  I'm excited for Clear Lake as I think the area is one of the more exciting areas outside of the loop for cocktails right now.  There are three different types of places that you can grab a craft cocktail, plus quite a few area restaurants are upping their game.  Its a good time to enjoy craft cocktails and live in the CLC.

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