Monday, January 15, 2007

Beer Quick Hits

Its a lazy Monday, so instead of doing some tasting or a long post on Beer or Wine, I thought I'd give my readers a couple of newsie bits. Enjoy as you will.

Saint Arnold's News: Their sales grew by a whopping 25% in the year 2006! How awesome is that! And if your around and a home brewer (or interested in it) on the 18th of Feb, the great Charlie Papazian will be at the brewery. Check out the AHA website for more details:

If we didn't like beer enough, now news comes out that a beer from Bulgaria will increase a woman's breast size. Nope I can't make this stuff up.

And lastly amongst the news that A-B and Budvar are burying the hatchet (kinda) and are coming together in a distribution deal that gives Budvar access to A-B distributors, comes the news that A-B can not sell their flagship brand as Budweiser in Portugal.

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