Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lefthand Twin Sister Double IPA

I actually tried this beer the latest from Lefthand's Big MO series before I went to Denver for GABF, I just didn't have time to write about it. I talked about Lefthand back when I had their Imperial Stout (another of the Big MO series).
The Style: Ahh yes the Double IPA, a truly American Invention. The British created the India Pale ale as a way of hopping up and preserving their Pale Ale to ship to the British soldiers that were stationed in India. These souped up beers were higher alcohol and were better preserved for those far flung soldiers of the British Empire. However one day one of the ships crashed on the rocks of British Coast. The barrels washed up on shore and once the locals got a test they clamored for the brewer's to make more of this amazing nectar so that the locals at home could have some. The rest as they say is history. A Double IPA or Imperial IPA is just an even more hopped up IPA, more alcohol and more hop greatness.
The Beer: As mentioned this is part of Lefthand's BIG MO series, bottle conditioned topped with a champagne cork and weighing in at 9.6% alcohol. Here are the stats. Malts: Castle Pale, Rye and a proprietary custom malt. Hops include cascade, glacier, tomahawk, liberty, and crystal dry. The IBU is 87.
Now on to the tasting. The beer pours a bright orange with a thick foamy head. Floral hops in copious amounts on the nose. The mouth is full of spicy bitter hops, that tingles the tongue, biting you in the jaw. An amazing beer. One of the nice things I liked is that the alcohol was really well hidden with the hop bitterness. Here is what the folks over at BA had to say about this thoroughly enjoyable beer.

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