Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is local?

Today provides a relatively short post, whose main purpose is to point you in the direction of another blog. News broke over the last couple of days that Pyramid Brewing out of Seattle and Magic Hat Brewing out of Vermont are merging. This will allow Pyramid to be brewed on the east coast, and Magic Hat to be brewed on the west coast (hopefully with some coming down this way). This creates an efficient system where both brewery's expand their distribution, without having to necessarily ship all of their beer from coast to coast. However with this merger brings forth a good question that Stan over at Appellation Beer is asking: Does this make Magic Hat a local beer on the west coast? In other words what's the definition of a local beer? Can I call Budweiser a local beer because it may have been brewed on the east side of Houston? What about going to my local BJ's Brewery? Where does the line get drawn? Check out the post at Appellation beer and the responses it's creating.

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