Monday, January 26, 2009

Green Flash Le Freak

Green Flash is one of those breweries that made their way to Texas this past year. I've found everyone of the beers to be very good. From their every day six pack West coast IPA to their Trippel and Barleywine this is one brewery that seems to do it right. So imagine my giddiness when I saw a new beer on the shelf of my local Spec's. A trippel at wait a minute, its an no that's not either, its both. A Trippel made like an IPA....interesting doesn't begin to describe it.
The Beer: This one weighs in at 9.2%. It pours a golden orange color with a quarter inch off white head. The nose is powerful, so much so that I could smell the bouquet well before I held my nose hovering over my snifter glass. White grapes, yeasty, oranges and other citurs notes. The mouth is effervescent, candied sugar coated orange peals up front, with grapefruity hops finishing it up. Really great hops at the end here, really leaving that as the lasting memory of this beer. A Belgian Trippel up front with the finish of an IPA. Well that was the first glass anyway. The second from this 750 ml bottle had obtained some of the yeasty sediment at the bottom. Swirling the beer around you get more of the Trippel notes on the nose, fruity, yeasty, apricots and white grapes, balanced with grapefruit hops. Man this is one amazing beer. It gets an easy A from me. Here's what the folks at BA think about it.

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Royce said...

You seem slightly more keen on this beer than I was, but I still agree that it was very interesting and deserves a look from most beer drinkers. It's unique at the very least.