Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jesterking Thrash Metal

Austin's Jesterking is in my honest opinion one of the most exciting breweries in the country. From doing collaborations with gypsy brewer Mikkeller to taking on the man with a lawsuit against TABC, and of course making great beer, Jesterking does it all. From starting out bottling just a couple of beers, it seems they are now adding new bottled beer every week and sometimes two a week. To me the coolest thing they do is they are using all farmhouse yeasts, and not traditional ale yeasts. These yeasts which can be difficult to brew, add incredible complexity to a beer as well if handled properly. One of their latest is Thrash Metal a self proclaimed American Strong ale.
The Beer: Well its strong alright weighing in at 9.3% and it pours a hazy golden color with a thick dense head of white foam. The nose is full of white fruit, peaches, and pineapples. Yeasty bready notes. The first sip reveals mild carbonation, medium body, notes of honeysuckle, pineapple, breadyness. It finishes dry, which balances some of the up front sweet flavors. A slight funky barnyardness character comes out as the beer warms. This added complexity surely comes from the use of the farmhouse yeast. Some lemony and orange notes finish up this beer adding just a bit of acidic balance. Deceptively strong as I never really tasted the alcohol this one is a well balanced very food friendly winner of a beer.

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Third Street Brew said...

Two new beers a week? Damn.