Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Avery: The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

My latest excursion into the world of Oktoberfest beers came in the form of a BIG beer from a great Colorado brewery. I have spoken a couple of times in the past on Avery Brewery so you can check out that here. I have also spoken about the Oktoberfest style here. I will make a note that as it always seems, since its called Imperial, it is usually slightly more hoppy than the original and a lot more alcohol.
The Beer: Pours an orangish brown almost amber liquid in the glass capped off with a pillowy creamy head. The head dissipated over time leaving copious amounts of lacing. The nose is malty with just a bit of floural hops, some honey and raisiny scents as well. The mouth has more sweet caramel and roasted hops with a bit of hop bitterness and some alcohol burn on the finish which isn't too suppressing as the beer weighs in at 9.1%. The beer was very creamy, very nice, and very smooth. Here's what the folks at BA had to say.

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