Thursday, January 11, 2007

Berliner Kindl Pilsner

A friend of mine picked this beer up while he was visiting his folks in Berlin for Christmas. He knows I like trying any kind of new new beer and this is one of the Pilsners he likes from Berlin. The ABV was 5.1% which when comparing to American Pils is quite high. The beer poured a bright straw yellow color, clear with no haze, and an amazing amount of tiny carbonated bubbles almost like Champagne. A nice foamy, frothy white head capped off the beer. The nose was full of minerals and lime zest. The mouthfeel was light, with the taste of sweet toasted pale malts finishing with some tart and tangy notes that gave the beer a nice zip. A very nice beer.
Its drinking beers like this that irritates me that there is nothing like this in the states. Made with no adjuncts its still amazing clear and crisp, somewhat light bodied, but amazingly tastey. Why can't we make this beer in the states?


Anonymous said...

while flying into Berlin for the World Cup 2006, a fellow passenger who had been there before recommended the Berliner Kindl beer. i tried it on day 1 and liked it very much, and probably had it on every day i was there (among other entries). your description is better than i could provide, it is quite accurate, and that's why I'm looking for the beer here in the SF bay area ~K

Barleyvine said...

I'd be interested to see if they export it. Of course I'm hesitant sometimes to try German beers in America as I have noticed that they have a very different flavor profile, expecially the Weizen's, but maybe you'd have better luck with Pils.