Monday, May 12, 2008

The Session #15 Announcement

Its that time of the month, fresh off the roundup of the latest Session, comes the announcement for The Session # 15. For the uninitiated, The Session is a monthly virtual beer tasting event. The event is hosted each month by a different blogger, and each with its own theme. This month's session is hosted by Geistbear Brewing Blog, the theme is Beer Festivals. From the blog announcement:
As Summer approaches we are in full swing of beer festival season, so it seemed the perfect topic for the June Session. Do you have a favorite beer festival you like to attend or a particular memory of inspirational moment at a festival? Or perhaps talk about what you would like to see out of festivals or perhaps the future of them. All is fair game, I look forward to seeing where people take this topic.
In all honesty (and I'm sure I may upset some Session goers here) I'm not so thrilled by this month's session. Not everyone has an opportunity to go to a beer festival. Around here, there aren't any festivals that I've had a chance to attend. There is one or two out Austin way, but that means taking a weekend off to go which I can't always do. Now I've been to the Mecca of Beer Festivals here in the US, Great American Beer Festival, but I've already written about that, so I won't do a retread.
Just a bit of a rant here, but after weeks of non-beer themed sessions, I was hoping for something leaning more towards a specific style (Summer session ale perhaps?) that would give everyone an opportunity to participate in. Oh well, maybe next month. As for what I'll post on this month (if I do), it will probably relate to the latter portion of his post what I would like to see out of a festival.
The due date for this month's session is D-Day, June 6th, so come back and check it out. Even if I may not be excited I know that there will be plenty of good posts.

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Thomas said...

Alan at the Good Beer Blog mentioned a similar thought. I did consider changing topic. But the festivals are a fundamental part of getting craft beer known in wider markets, a chance that brewers get to talk, and a frankly a lot of fun. If I had to choose again I might have picked another topic, but what's done is done.