Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texas Beer Culture

I know I know, two posts in one day. This one is a quick one. Its a topic that I want to write a much longer post on, but in the meantime to whet your appetite, head over to Beer Advocate where there is a good discussion going on whether or not Texas can support a beer culture. (a hint on where I stand, not only can we support one, we ARE, and its growing every day). More to come from me in a much longer post. If you have your own thoughts on our great states Beer culture, feel free to comment below.

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rwmonty said...

I can't speak too authoritatively for the state, but as far as the RGV is concerned, the beer culture is pretty dormant.

It's not for lack of trying, though. When Feldman's Market Center opened, it has a sizable collection of beers, but with each passing month the macros have been encroaching and the selection has gotten smaller and smaller.

A few HEBs have tried to keep up solid selections, but with one notable exception, they all have waved the white flag.

A BJ's Brewhouse opened about ten months ago, but it's been experiencing a dip in business since about January. (No doubt due largely to the new restaurants that have opened up in the area.)