Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beaver's Revisited

I've been to Beaver's Restaurant many times since my first visit and I've never left disappointed. The food is always top notch, the beer selection is great, and of course the cocktails are amazing. Their mixologist Bobby Heugel even has his own blog on cocktails, the well put together Drink Dogma. My wife and I went over to Beaver's on Wednesday for their Green Evening. The gist of the idea is that on Wednesday they'll offer an appetizer, a beer, and a cocktail that are all "green" and proceeds go to Green causes. Ahh a good excuse to drink! Not that I need one. The main purpose of this post though is to tell about an amazing beer related experience. Bobby is a pretty insane mixologist when it comes to developing ingredients for his cocktails, and he has a new one (well new to me) that blew my socks off: Stout Liqueur. He took Guinness, Victory Storm King and a porter whose name escapes me this morning, and created a liqueur with them. A little sip was all we were given and it was amazing, the flavors of the beer were still there, extremely concentrated notes of stout and roasted malts, mixed with the liquor. It was incredible to think that this nectar started out as three different and distinct beers. It was something that I never would have thought of and an industrious use of putting beer into cocktails.

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