Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Cities for Beer Lovers

I came across an article on MSNBC.COM today touting the best 10 cities in the world for beer lovers. Its a pretty diverse list with cities on three different continents and multiple countries. The top ten are Amsterdam, Berlin, Brugge (a city in Belgium), Burlington, VT, Dublin, Mexico City, Montreal, Portland, Prague and finally Sapporo.
As you can see its a pretty interesting list. Some of the picks are puzzling to me, for instance Burlington, and why not a place like Denver that has become a center for so many microbreweries and home of the largest beer festival in America. I like the choices of Prague, Dublin, even Mexico City home of the largest Cervezas. Portland of course is a great pick, you can't go wrong with a city that doesn't have Budweiser as its top beer. Brugge is a pretty interesting choice as when most think Belgium they think of Brussels, but its a choice I like.
Check out the article for more details on each city and why they chose them.

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Barleyvine said...

I'd like to add a little adendum to my above post. I was reading the Brookston Beer blog and it seems that J had a much bigger problem with this article than idea. While I freely admit that there are some pretty questionable cities I just don't see what the big deal is. Maybe I have just gotten used to mainstream media not giving a hoot about beer, but I took this article as the fluff piece (i.e. not for serious beer people) that it was. Maybe the article was mis appropriately title as a Top 10, there were interesting choices, many unobvious ones. But since when do any of us get riled up over a Top 10 list, will there ever be one that we all agree on?