Thursday, November 23, 2006

WBW # 28 Announced

I know I know, I have been promising for a while to get back into the the Wine Blogging Wednesday but due to what ended up being a pretty hectic period I was unable to....that stops this month! The Culinary fool is hosting this month..and the theme is Sparklers, ie Sparkling wine. He has three categories to put this wine into:
  • Party Sparklers – Bargain sparklers that if you needed several bottles for a party wouldn’t break your budget but you wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve
  • Special Sparklers – those bottles that might be a bit higher cost but for a little splurge you think they are worth the price
  • Duds – you tried a bottle, thought it held promise but when it comes down to it you wouldn't buy it again. Hopefully we won't have many in this category!

Being over here in Europe I figure I'll be exposed to a few different styles of sparkling wine so I definetely will partake in this venture. Lets hope I don't find one in that last category. The roundup will be posted on Dec 15 so come back then and see how it all went.

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