Friday, November 24, 2006

So what did you have with Thanksgiving Dinner

A little online poll for everyone out there that would like to participate.
What did you have to drink with Thanksgiving Dinner? Wine? Beer? Both? Other?

Living in Germany I didn't get to celebrate the holiday yesterday. I did however partake in a Thanksgiving Feast prior to coming out drink? A Oregon Pinot Noir. nice and fruity and it stood up to the herbs of the meal. My second joice? A fall beer in particular a Pumpkin ale, where the spiceness of the beer would hold up well against all the flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving day feast.....I hope everyone had a grand time yesterday and let me know what you all had.

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David said...

I has a pretty good Portuguese Muscat (Joao Pires Dry White Muscat 2003), which went AWESOME with the turkey and sides. Had some other but by that time I don't really remember what they were.