Monday, August 11, 2008

Boulevard Zon

After many recent posts on Green Flash I'm going back to another brewery thats new to the Texas scene, Boulevard Brewing. This one is their seasonal wit beer (Zon is Flemish for sun).
The Beer: Weighs in at 4.45% and pours a cloudy hazy straw color with a decent sized stark white head. The nose is citrusy and vibrant, bready, oranges, and grapefruit. The mouth was all of these things with a bit of the corriander spice coming through. Crisp and clean, a great hot Texas summer time beer. I'm a huge fan of wit beers for summer, not only for their drinkability but for their ability to pair with summer foods, whether grilled chicken, or a salad of summer greens with a light vinaigrette, a wit can hang with them all. Boulevard's version is right up there with one of the better wit's I've had. This one gets a strong B from me. Here's what the folks at BA think.


Lee said...

I've been a fan of Boulevard ever since I began dating my Kansas City-born wife and she took me home to meet my future in-laws. I'm actually not so big on wits, but wheat lovers tell me the Zon and their Wheat are great. I prefer their pale ale, and their seasonals are all very good. The real prize: Go up to Missouri and get their Smokestack Series, which I assume won't be available in Texas. Their Lunar is really the only thing they do that does not impress me. An outstanding brewery. (And now that A-B is owned by InBev, they're the biggest Missouri-owned brewery!)

Barleyvine said...

I've actually heard rumors that the Smokestack series has been sighted in Texas, both in Dallas and up in the downtown Spec's. I haven't been up to the Spec's yet to see if it's there, but I'm going up to Dallas this weekend, so we'll see.