Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anvil Bar and Refuge

For those of you that have been reading the blog for a while, you know that I have been talking about and looking forward to the opening of a bar called Anvil. The reason is that the folks behind the bar are the sames ones who were behind the bar at Beaver's, that place of great cocktails and great beer selection. Well Anvil is open, they've actually been open for a while now, and although I've been there a few times, I've held off on writing up my review of the place for a specific reason: They had not gotten their tap system set up. Well that changes over the next few days. I received an email from one of folks that run the place with some PR information, that I thought was cool enough to share. So here are the highlights:
...system is set up so that we can pour beer on tap the way brews intend and the beers deserve. We have custom regulators on every line and multiple blenders to control pressure and gas blends. Our stouts will be poured on nitrogen taps, the way they should. We use a proper tulip for beers that warrant them. In short, I think we have taken our setup about as seriously as you could and have spared no expense.
Our entire selection as I mentioned before is constantly rotating. We will never have the same beer on twice, and we are working with local and national breweries as well as distributors to bring in some really cool stuff. Our draft system has quite a few people excited about a place that takes its setup so seriously, and we have had several brewers express to us that they would love to do some specialty beers just for us.
Our pricing will be very competitive too. A standard Real Ale pint for example will only run you four dollars.
Lastly he has released his initial 12 tap line up:

Allagash White

Avery Maharaja

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Dogfish Immort Ale

Greenflash West Coast IPA

North Coast Old Rasputin

North Coast Scrimshaw

Ommengang Hennepin Saison

Real Ale Brewhouse Brown

Real Ale Fireman’s #4

Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye

Real Ale Sisyphus

Saint Arnold’s Summer Pilsner

Schneider Aventinus

Southern Star Blonde Bombshell

Southern Star Buried Hatchet

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale

Spaten Optimator

Stone Ruination

Stone Smoked Porter

Unibroue Maudite

Victory Golden Monkey

Victory Hop Devil Cask

I have to say I'm pretty excited about this list, especially for the DFH Immort Ale and the Victory Hop Devil Cask. They hope to have everything up and running over the next 5 to 7 days, maybe as early as this weekend but by the beginning of next week for sure. Once I head over there and check it all out, I'll be sure to post my full review.


Machuca said...

Good list. I like bars that have a healthy amount of well selected beers, rather than two hundred taps, which is just mind numbing.

Barleyvine said...

Completely agree. A carefully crafted small list of beers, with rotated taps and clean lines can sometimes be better than someplace that has a list of 200 good beers, but with lines that are not properly cleaned and kegs that are not rotated.

assurbanipaul said...

That's a bold tap list for a start-up.

Machuca said...

It is. And they have to keep it going.

Joe Apa said...

Today, May 15th at Anvil.....Cask conditioned Real Ale Full Moon Rye tapped at 5pm......I'm there.