Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 50 Breweries

Today the Brewers Association released a list of the top 50 Craft breweries in the country and the top 50 over all breweries. An interesting list to be sure. Its ranked by beer sales volume (based on 2008 sales. The link to the list is here. However I did want to point a couple of interesting things out. The larges craft brewery Boston Beer Co is also the 4th largest brewery overall. In the craft brewery list there are two Texas breweries represented, Spoetzl maker of Shiner and Pete's brewery in San Antonio. Spoetzl is also the 10 largest brewery over all. Nice to see some Texas representation. One complaint with this list is I would have liked to see the volume numbers listed. It would have been nice to compare a Boston Beer Co, with a A-B, or a New Belgium with a brewery like North Coast out of California. Still an interesting list.

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