Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Upcoming Houston Beer Events

April is shaping up to be a pretty good month for craft beer lovers as there are several events worth checking out.
- This week is Cask Appreciation week and in celebration Saint Arnold's is hosting a special Twitter crawl this Thursday. The crawl will be held downtown and at the end a special cask ale will be tapped. The event starts at the Brewery Tap (717 Franklin St). There will be 3 stops total the subsequent ones being sent out via Twitter. However, I think Flying Saucer has let the cat out of the bag so to speak as they are tapping a cask of Saint Arnold's Bourbon Barrel Stout that same night, so unless there are two cask tappings I think that will be the final stopping point. Unfortunately me working the night shift this week at my real job will keep me from participating, but if you have the chance you should definetely check it out.
- As mentioned many times, next Thursday the 16th of April, THE craft beer move Beer Wars will be released one night, and one night only. Please go and support this movie, there are quite a few places that its showing in our fair city.
- On the 17th of April Blanco, Tx's own Real Ale will be hosting a very special event at the Alamo Drafthouse to tap an exclusive cask of their new Drafthouse ESB.
- The very next Saturday April 18th, Gingerman is hosting a Belgian Beer tasting, with food provided by Chef Michael O' Connor. Cost is $35.00, reservations are highly recommended.
- Lastly, and as previously mentioned Saint Arnold's and Brenner's will be hosting what looks to be an amazing Beer Dinner on April 23rd. Its not cheap, but it should be a wonderful evening of great food and beer.

These were just the special events, but there are numerous weekly things always going on in Houston. In addition to the special cask being tapped this Thursday, the Flying Saucer is tapping a special keg every Thursday. A when its gone its gone special. Past kegs have been DFH 120 minute IPA and DFH FORT. Wednesday nights at both the Saucer and Gingerman is Pint glass night, buy the pint keep the glass.

Like I said April looks to be a great month to support craft beer in Houston.
You also may notice I've added a list of the upcoming events. If anyone finds out something that should be added let me know.


Big_Hitter said...

Talked to Ben at Petrol - the Real Ale cask night is indeed 4/16. I'm not sure Real Ale will be there tho. Petol is working on a website.

Barleyvine said...

Thanks for the info. I've added it to the calendar. I'm not sure I'll make it that night to Petrol as I'll be checking out Beer Wars.

joe said...

Just a note to let you know that Rudyard's (2010 Waugh) hosts a monthly beer tasting the last Thursday of every month. It's usually around $30-40, starts at 7PM, and there's a sign-up sheet at the bar from 2 weeks out. this month it's Bear Republic; there's always schwag, a raffle, and over-all good time. Check it out. 5 courses, 5 beers.