Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Beers In Houston

It's amazing to see the new beers that are coming in to Houston, almost every week something new and exciting makes its way to our stores. This is even more amazing when you consider the ridiculous efforts that brewers and distributors have to go through to get their beer's here. Well fresh news off of a post on Beeradvocate.com, I've learned that this week brings some exciting news.
First gypsy brewery Mikkeller has arrived. Not all of their beers, but some good ones none the less:

Mikkeller Big Worse Barley Wine
Mikkeller It's Alive (their take on Orval)
Mikkeller Monk's Brew

Mikkeller is an interesting brewer in that they do not have a brewery. I mentioned gypsy up above and that's exactly what they are. They travel from brewery to brewery, around Europer and even the US, they visit and use other's facilities to make their beer. But make not mistake about it, the beers are incredibly unique and from all accounts incredibly delicious so I'm excited as heck to try them out.

Secondly, Ridgeway Brewing out of England (you may remember them from their humerous Christmas ales) has brought an expanded line up of their beers:
Ridgeway Bad King John (a black ale)
Ridgeway Export Stout
Ridgeway IPA

Not a bad week here in Houston. Now if I can only get back to day shifts so that I can have a chance to try these beers. Oh and don't forget Thursday is the release of Divine Reserve 8.

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