Friday, September 11, 2009

Session Round up and Announcement

Yes I know I missed out on Summer beers. I was really disappointed in missing this months Session, but work schedule kept me from participating. The good news is the hosts over at Better beer blog have posted the round up.
As one month leaves us another comes, and with it brings the next installment of the monthly virtual beer tasting The Session. This month's host is the blog Girl Likes Beer, the theme is Go East. From the announcement:
I would like you to pick your favorite beer made east form your hometown but east enough that it is already in a different country. It can be from the closest country or from the furthest. Explain why do you like this beer. What is the coolest stereotype associated with the country the beer comes from (of course according to you)? And one more thing. If you do a video or picture of the beer (not obligatory of course) try to include the flag of the country.
This should be interesting. If you point due east of Houston, the next country is Morocco. So I'll have to a little further east I think to get a better beer. Let's see there's Libya, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, and India...not a lot of great choices, but I bet in the next month I can find something to drink from one of those countries. Due date is October 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I managed to find a 6 pack of DR8 and was thinking about saving a few to age. Is it best to keep them hot or cold? Also, they have a keg of DR8 at Taps on Washington that they're not tapping until Tuesday, just FYI.

Barleyvine said...

Thanks for the heads up about the tapping.
As for aging of DR8, first let me say I think this will age wonderfully well. As for aging, you don't want to keep it too hot or too cold. To cold (standard fridge temp) and you basicaly stop any aging process. To warm and the beer spoils. Ideally you'd like to keep it in a temp controlled area around 55-60 degrees. I cellar my beer in a wine fridge, however if you don't have that, use a cool closet interior to your house. If the temp there stays below 75 while not ideal you are probably ok.