Saturday, March 04, 2006

2003 Bridlewood Syrah

Bridlewood, nestled in Santa Ynez California is an interesting winery. It was originally a Stable, that was used to rehabilitate injured horses. The winery focuses on a Cab, Pinot, Zin, and a Syrah, along with a Rhone blend. One unique thing it does is it makes some small lot wines that are only available via its wine club.
Their 2003 Syrah pours into the glass as if from a quill of purple ink. Its deep, its rich and it just looks thick. Very nice berry nose with hints of white pepper and other herbs. In the mouth its full of black berries and figs. The wine is almost chewy, yet the Tannins don't overpower the wine. This is not a HUGE Syrah in terms of alcohol level at 13.6%. I really enjoyed this wine at it should be around 18.00, which isn't too bad for something this good.
I'd grade it about an A-.

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