Monday, March 06, 2006

More Freedom for Wine Drinkers

Its been fascinating to watch the last year or so as more and more states adopt the laws that allow for direct out of state wine shipments to consumers. In short we in Texas can order a Wine from K vintners in Washington and receive it in our homes. To me this is key because if I have had a chance to enjoy this wine, it my be difficult, or in the case of K Vintners impossible to get a lot of their different types of wine in the area I live in. These laws open us up to even more great wine experiences.
Now comes news that retailers are joining in on the fun. Large wine retailers would also like the ability to ship directly to consumers. What this does is allow us the consumer even more freedom, to now order multiple different wines, from multiple different wineries at one time. Also, I believe this will give us more access to international wines, whether from France, Italy or Australia, IF the retailer carries it, we would be able to order. This is an exciting time to be a wine consumer as laws are being created every day to give us better access to that which we desire.

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Anonymous said...

It's important that consumers like yourself make the case for direct shipping and are advocates as well for small wineries around the country that want to maintain their right to ship direct.

Well done. Nice Blog. Keep writing.