Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Erath Pinot Noir 2004

I really enjoy Erath Winery. Its holds special significance for me. To try and make a long story short, my girlfriends, sister went up to Oregon for her honeymoon and visited some wineries. This was one of them, and she told me about what a beautiful place it was and the great people and the really good wine. Knowing that I love wine she purchased a bottle of it as part of a Christmas gift for me. I tasted it for the first time last Christmas, and I liked then, so I have buy it when I am in the mood for a good Pinot Noir, that won't break the bank. That leads me to my next point, it seems that Pinot, can only be made for expensive prices, and Oregon makes some really fine Pinot. Erath seems to consistently make very good Pinot for around 15.00, which is amazing because there are some really BAD Pinot's out there for that same price, but somehow Erath doesn't seem to fall into that category.
Its a blended Pinot with 93% coming from Willamette Valley and the rest from Umpqua Valley. A decent amount of alcohol at 13.0% it has a very nice strawberry red color. Strawberry hints in the noise with a little bit of cherry. Cherry Cola in the mouth, very smooth, slightly tart.
Very nice. B+.

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