Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Next Napa

An interesting article on the CNN travel page. The author writes about the great Texas Hill Country. The author tells the reader about the great scenery, rolling hills, blue bonnets blossoming during spring and of course the wine. It even reports something I didn't' know, that the Texas Hill Country AVA is one of the fastest growing wine producing regions in the country and that many think that it could be the "next Napa." While I support the enthusiasm, I have to agree with Richard Becker (of Becker Vineyards) that may be over stepping things a bit.
I will say this, its a very interesting and delicate time for Texas wine makers. I think for the most part and from my experience of visiting Texas Wineries, that we have learned how to make decent and in some cases pretty good wines. However I don't know if any winery has made GREAT wine and its still to be determined if someone will. I think a lot has to do with the varieties that was originally chosen to be grown in Texas. I don't think you can grow great Cab in the heat of South Texas, same with Chardonnay. It makes to vegetable of wines. However I am excited to see them branching out into Syrah, Nebbiolo, Zinfandel even. I think that to make great wine, Texas Wineries are going to have to come up with unique that doesn't mean planting new varieties, but taking a grape and making it its own and making it in the Texas Style. This is the time when Texas is going to need to experiment and find what suits the Texas soil and weather patterns the best. Now is the time.


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