Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Next Divine Reserve

Wow, fresh off an unbelievable success with the release of Divine Reserve 8, Saint Arnold's has just announced that Divine Reserve 9 will be released in late November or Early December. From their latest Newsletter:
We are brewing Divine Reserve No. 9 next week for release in November or December. It will be unlike any other Saint Arnold beer we've ever made!
So what didn't get announced is the style, but we did get a clue as to where they are going, or rather not going.
First we know its going to be something new, so let's take a look at the DR's thus far:
Barleywine (2x)
Scotch Ale (2x)
Russian Imperial Stout
Double India Pale Ale

So we know its not going to be any of the above. We also know that Saint Arnold's has Bourbon Barrels as they will periodically have a Bourbon Barrel Stout released to select accounts around town, so it won't be something like that. So what could it be? Its 'going to be different' that's for sure. Will they go the route that many craft brewers are going and create a sour ale, or something infected with Brett? Maybe, although many of those age for a bit whether in wood or something else, so that might be out since we really only have 2 months before release. Although they have done a Quad, could they do another Belgian ale? Yes I believe they could. They also could use those Barrels for something else than a stout. Another option since they are releasing it around the Holiday season is some sort of winter warmer (thinking a higher gravity Anchor's Our Special Ale). Really there are many ways they could go. Anyone else have any thoughts? Or wishes?

UPDATE: As reported by Ronnie Crocker of the Houston Chronicle, the next Divine Reserve DR9 will be an Imperial Pumpkin Stout weighing in at 10% ABV.

This sounds pretty exciting if they can pull it off. My only concern would be the bitterness of the Imp Stout overpowering the pumpkin. My bet is on Saint Arnold to make a delicious beer.


Unknown said...

Wagner says it's going to be an Imperial Stout Pumpkin Ale.

Jeff Rocheleau said...

Wow. That will be interesting! I like to see Saint Arnold getting out of the box and brewing something that isn't a specific style. I am REALLY looking forward to this!