Saturday, February 18, 2006

2003 Rosenblum Carla's Vineyard Zinfandel

I love Rosenblum Winery as a whole. They have multiple single vineyard, and multiple vineyard Zin's. I like when wineries choose a varietal and try to create some of the best wines they can with it. Rosenblum is a great example of this. I am not sure they make a bad zin. I have the opportunity to try some of their other zin's but I had this one with a few friends of mine recently. The grapes come from a Vineyard run by Tony Cutino near San Francisco Bay. The vineyard is named after Tony's daughter I believe.
The wine when poured is a deep dark purple, the smell reminds me of Zin on Steroids, deep dark cherries, vanilla, cocoa. In the mouth you get that same essence with chewy tannins that aren't over bearing with a little bit of acidity coming in over the top to help balance things out, somewhat. A very good example of what a winery can do with they specialize like this. I'd grade it an A.

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