Thursday, February 23, 2006

Creative Closures

There have been many articles recently about the traditional wine "stopper" cork and the new screw cap. In fact there is a intense fight going on in Europe between some traditionalists and their backers the Portuguese Cork Tree Farmers, and those that want to see a better closure, in this case the Screw cap. There is even a winery in California called Screw Kappa Nappa that encloses all of its wine in Screw caps. There are multiple advantages to using screw caps, not the least of which is no more "corked" wines (aka TCA). However not all wineries think that screw caps are the best alternative. Now some French wineries and even a few in the US are trying out something new. Glass.
Marketed as Vino-Lok it was first used in Germany in 2003 and it works similarly to a decanter top with a much tighter fit. Not sure if it will stop over-oxidation of wine, but it is definitely a unique solution and maybe a new combatant in what some have termed the Cork Wars.

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Anonymous said...

Shame to miss out on the satisfying pop of the cork coming out of the bottle!!

(not that i am biased or anything!)
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