Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Torres Coronas 2002

The Torres family has been making wine in the Catalan region of Spain for over 200 years. Generation upon generation has made wine in this region, recently they have spread into California where they make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the Russia River valley. This is the epitome of a famiy run business that has made it big. They make wines on all different levels, from Expensive to cheap quaffable wines.
The 2002 Coronas is a blend of 86% Tempernillo and 14% Cabernet Savignon, aged 9 months in a fifty-fifty split of new American and French oak. Very cherry in color, smells of licorice and black fruits. Slightly acidic with small tannic tones (from the Cab), with a tad sweet after taste. I thought this was a pretty food friendly wine. The best thing about this wine is that it was somwhere around 7 dollars. This wine is a great example of good cheap wine that is a different variety than most are used to. I'd grade this a B.

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