Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2000 Pretty Smith Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a wine I have wanted to try for a long time, usually the long forgotten third partner of Bordeaux it is not often made into a variatal wines, outside of places in New York or Germany. So this wine is actually my first 100% Cab Franc wine.
The Grape: Cab Franc is actually one of the parents of the more popular Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab Franc is a thin skinned varital and early rippining variety. It is also somewhat frost resistant when compared to its offspring. The thin skins also means that this is a less tannic grape.
The Winery: Not much informatin on this winery unfortunately. What I could find is that it was started by Lisa Pretty and Victor Smith who purchsed it in 2000. The estate has about 45 acres of grapes and is located in the Paso Robles region of California.
The Wine: It pours a nice Garnet red in the glass. Hints of smoke, coco, earth, acidity, oak and sage in the nose. There are tastes of sour cherries, black chery, hints of chocolate and oak. There is a nice biting acidity here which the Oak helps level out somewhat since there is an abscence of high tannins. There is a good balance between the acidity, oak and alcohol at 14.1%. A nice wine that I'd grade a B.

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