Friday, July 21, 2006

The Rise of Craft Beer

While not exactly earth shattering and of news that will be widely reported throughout similar beer blogs as this, a financial report by a Merrill Lynch analyst has been published regarding beer sales. The kicker of course is that volume has fallen somewhat significantly for SABMiller (5.7%), A-B (1.9%), and Molson Coors (0.3%), while at the same time volume of Micro or Craft Beers has grown 12.5% in JUNE! That is amazing growth and shows that as people's palate's grow, and as American's turn away from the over produced food products of a Fast Food Nation and Bud, they turn to good food's and good beer made with good products. It will be interesting to see the spin that Big Beer puts on this, but one thing is for certain, they will be worried, and that's a good thing for drinkers and makers of Craft Beer.

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