Monday, July 10, 2006

The Rise of Organic Beer

Time for another trend it seems. There are numerous articles including this one from the Boston Globe, touting the increase growth of Organic Beers. This articles all specifically state A-B's release of two Organic beers, Wild Hop Lager and Stone Mill Pale Ale as evidence of its growth. Don't get me wrong, I support organic growth. I think eating more things that have less chemicals and articial flavors is a good thing and something that we all should stand up and applaud. My issue is, that with the exception of the big boys, most beer is pretty much organicly grown. Most of the micro-brews we all know and love are made with malt, barley, hops and water...thats it, nothing artificial, no other chemicals, nothing but pure goodness. Maybe by going back to the root of beer making the big boys will realize what they have been missing with the corporate crap thay advertise as beer.

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