Saturday, July 01, 2006

Avery Thirteen Weizen Dopplebock

I was sitting around this Saturday afternoon, watching the World cup and decided to open up one of my BIG BEERs that I have, and try something new. I had a small plate of cheese and one of these "special beers." A nice respite on this rainy Saturday watching Soccer.
The Style: Weizen Dopplebock is basically a wheat double bock. This unique style combines the dark toffeish color and flavor with the citric and biscuit flavors of a wheat beer. A normal weizenbock is a complex beer of malt and hops flavors that blend together and are usually of higher alcohol content. The dopplebock doesn't necessarily double these attributes, but it definetly adds to them.
The Brewer: Avery Brewing Company is located in Boulder Colorado, and was incorporated in 1993 by owner and chief brewer Adam Avery. This is a company that started with only serving beer in Draft form or Big Beers until 1995 when they started selling their beers in six packs. They are a true microbrewery making incredible artisan beers, an amazing White Rascal Witbier (or Whitebeer) with a mix of wheat, hints of orange and corriander to their seasonal New World Porter a beer of smooth chocolate goodness. Even though they have a relatively wide distribution they are still a relatively small operation, but they are constantly growing just having added somewhere around 20,000 sq ft of space.
The Beer: This beer celebrates the thirteenth anniversay of Avery Brewing Company that occurs in early August. You don't offten see a wheat doppplebock so this a was a treat. In the glass it purs a dark black with plenty of bubbles, and when poured right a nice quarter inch head. The head wasn't creamy and quickly dissapaited. The smells was of citrus and biscuits. From their website the beer is brewed with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, malted wheat, imported German specialty grains and hops, and one unique German yeast. In the mouth its got quite nice carbination that helped clear the cheese from the palate. Its also got a unique combination of overt Hoppiness with a high maltiness flavor. A really wonderful beer, but at 9.5% alcholo its a sipping beer only and not something that one would drink a lot of in one nigh. Heres what the folks at BA say

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