Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup of Beer

I admit, I am not the biggest fan of Soccer (Football to all you non-American's), but I have watched most every game of the World Cup this year, some of that due to the fact that I have a friend over from Germany and he has had a vested interest in the cup. I gotta say its been exciting and a great event (if only the official beer wasn't Bud). When the Cup started Chris Scott over at 'Hail the Ale' started a World Cup of Beer competition where whoever played that day he would match up beers from those countries. It was pretty interesting, but unfortunately he got busy with other things and didn't finish it off.......However this article reports that a British News Magazine actually did hold a World Cup of Beer Competition. Essentially a pub in Britain pitted 32 beers from all the countries that participated in the Cup. And the Winner?
Not a beer I am familiar with but the winner was South Australia's Cooopers Brewing Sparkling Ale. I have actually seen this beer at my local Spec's, but haven't ever tried it out....well I think that will probably change, I think I will have to check it out see if its worthy of the Cup.

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