Monday, February 16, 2009

HB 1062 Update

Very quick update on HB 1062 that I know all Texas Beer lovers are following. A second bill has been submitted, this time its in the Senate. SB 754 submitted by Wendy Davis was received by the Secretary of the Senate on Feb 10th. This is mainly a formality but its nice that this bill continues to move along. So go, write not only your State Rep, but write your State senator. As for what to write? Here is what we were asked to write last time a bill like this was in the senate:
-You are a supporter of Texas microbreweries.
-It would enhance your visit to Texas microbreweries if you could purchase a pint or six pack, just like you can when you visit microbreweries in other states.
-It will make you even more likely to purchase the beers of Texas microbreweries when you are at stores and restaurants.
-It will make Texas microbreweries stronger.
-Such a change in the law would make it more likely for more microbreweries to open in Texas.

Be respectful, but be honest about how you think microbreweries are important to our great state.

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