Monday, February 09, 2009

The Session Round Up and Announcement

David over at Musings over a Pint has posted his Session Round up: A Tripel for Two. If anyone doubted that his choice of theme was a good one, doubt no more as there were 33 entries this month. That's very nice and hopefully will get more beer themed sessions.

And off we go. The Beer Nut is hosting next months Session and again we are hit with a strong beer theme. The theme is Love Lager. From the host:
So for this Session, let's get back to basics. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose early drinking career featured pale lager in abundance, so consider this a return to our roots as beer drinkers. Don't even think about cheating the system: leave your doppelbocks and schwarzbiers out of this one: I want pilsners, light lagers, helleses and those ones that just say "beer" because, well, what else would it be?
I like this theme. Due to the big mass produces lagers, they really have gotten a bad rap. I really think its unfair as there are some amazing German Pilsners out there with a ton of depth and flavor. I for one will be on the look out for a good pilsner over the next month, one that can show how tasty and complex this style can be. Come back on March 6th to see how it all turns out.

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The Beer Nut said...

An Interfering Host writes:
Nooooo! Don't go looking for a fancy, complex, connoisseur's lager. Or at least, compare one to those mass produced lagers you mention -- remember they're exotic foreign beers to me and lots of others. What do they taste like? What's wrong with them, and why do so many beer drinkers not care about what's wrong with them? That's what I'm trying to get at: those lagers which are part of the scenery where most of us live, but which almost never get a proper treatment in beer blogs.

Not that I'm telling you how to write your blog or anything. Ahem.