Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Texas Beer Parity Amendment

A very quick short update on the two bills that will allow Texas Brewery's to sell their beer on site. First HB 1062 has been submitted to the Texas House and has been referred to Licensing and Administrative Procedures.
Secondly the same bill in the Texas Senate SB 754 has been officially received by the Secretary of the senate.
Neither of these are ground breaking, but what it does mean is that the bill continues to move through the proper steps and hopefully we should be getting more news updates soon.
And if you haven't already please notify your Texas Rep and Texas State Senator about how important this bill is.
I for one have notified both my State rep, John E. Davis and State Senator, Mike Jackson. Both of which have not deemed it necessary to reply back. Maybe they are too busy to speak with their constituents, but regardless I truly hope that they will support this bill.
Even if you have written your own State Rep or Senator you can do more! As stated above HB 1062 has been referred to Licensing and Administrative Procedures. Here is a list of the committee members. Write one, write all, write as many as you can. Let them hear from the Texas Beer Advocates.


The American Don said...

We got to keep fighting to keep this going. Thanks for the great update. Many eyes are watching Texas on this one.

Nice to see there's another Houston-based beer blogger out there. Can't believe I just found your blog.

Barleyvine said...

It is indeed nice to see another Houston Beer blog out there. Like your blog keep up the good work.