Friday, February 20, 2009

Saint Arnold's Twitter Crawl

A what you say? A twitter crawl. Whats that?
Its a pub crawl where in stead of sending out the locations via a cryptic email before hand, the locations are sent out using the social network instant messaging site Twitter. A very neat concept that Saint Arnold Brewery put to good use last night. A few weeks ago they put out on their email newsletter that they would be doing something like this and to sign up for twitter if you wanted more information. Then this week they let you know the first stop, and throughout the evening last night they gave you the subsequent locations (although I don't think they ever sent anything out via twitter on the last location, you were just verbally told at the second place). The prize at the end of the crawl? A nice pint glass but more importantly the last cask of the year of their Christmas Ale. It was my first time to have Christmas on Cask, and I must say it was delicious. Overall it was a nice evening, and much less crowded than a typical Saint Arnold's pub crawl, whether that was due to using only Twitter or the fact that it was on a Thursday instead of a Friday remains to be seen. Either way, kudos to Saint Arnold's to using things like Twitter to find unique methods of reaching out to their fans.

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