Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brew Dog Storm

I know I have said this a lot lately, but I am constantly amazed at all the new beers that are arriving in Houston, not just from around the country, but around the world. One of the latest is this brewery, Brew Dog, from Scotland. The brewery has a great story. The two founders, sick and tired of the industrial lagers that have become so ubiquitous to the UK beer market wanted something better. So in April 2007 they started brewing commercially and now 2 years later they are the largest independent brewery in Scotland. They make a pretty wide range of beers some aged in Scotch casks. I've heard quite a bit about them so was extremely excited to see their beers in my local Spec's. I'd even had their Hardcore IPA previously and it was outstanding. This beer Storm, is their IPA aged in Isly Scotch Whisky Barrels.
The Beer: This one weighs in at 8% abv and pours a light orangish color with very little head, more of a whitish film. The first whiff of the nose is of hops, but then smokey peat, woody, oaky, and scotch. Lots of Scotch. The mouthfeel is very scothcy, peaty, smoky, even some notes of bacon. Pale malts come out a little bit, but no hops and really no other beer flavors. There's very little to no carbonation almost flat. Its strongly scotch, which unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of. Its scotch with just a hint of beer (if you can call it even a hint). Its not a beer with a hint of scotch which is what I expected based on my other experiences with Bourbon barrel beers. I loved what they tried to do, but in this case I don't believe it was very successful. This one gets a D from me as I really couldn't stand this beer. Maybe it was bad? Maybe it didn't travel well? I dont know and if I get my hands on another one to try and I find it better then this time I'll post an update. The folks at BA didn't think that much more of the beer.

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