Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Quick Hits Tuesday Edition

Just two quick notes today.
- As promised yesterday additional details on the next session. The hosts Beer 47 will be hosting the next session themed Beer Desserts:
Beer 47 will hosting a discussion about Beer Desserts. What beer desserts have you tried and liked? Disliked? What beer styles work well with dessert and which ones do not? Do you have any beer dessert recipes that you enjoyed and would like to share?
- Second quick hit has to do with Houston's own Saint Arnold's Brewery and the next Divine Reserve. As I've posted before DR 8 will be a Wee Heavy, brewed by the winner of the Big Batch Brew Bash. Well yesterday they started brewing the beer, and Houston Chronicle Beer Blogger Ronnie Crocker had a very nice post and interview with the winner of the BBBB who got to go to Saint Arnold's to help brew the beer.

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