Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Hits

Its a Wednesday of Quick hits. File this one under what's happening?
- First is a quick note on a non-beer related event that comes from those cocktail and beer lovers over at Anvil. This Saturday is a Coffee and cocktails event with pastries provided from the pastry chef at Textile.

- If you've checked out the right hand side of the blog you'll see a list of events, but there are a few I wanted to point out. First this Saturday is a Wine v. Beer event at Gingerman's. I went to their last event that was a Belgian Beer tasting and it was wonderful, so I encourage everyone that can to go. Second is that Cullens an upscale restaurant down in the CLC area is hosting a Texas Beer Dinner on August 21st. It will be a 5 course meal, featuring different Texas Beers. Featured beers from Saint Arnold, Southern Star, and Real Ale among others. Lastly the 16th of August is Houston's Flying Saucers 9th Anniversary. They'll be tapping 9 different beers throughout the day. Now that's going to be a party.

- More Stone Beers. The Stone Rep for the southwest has reported that Stone 13th Anniversary Beer will be here in the next couple of months. This ale is supposed to be a wonderfully hoppy ale to celebrate the San Diego Breweries anniversary.


J Lackey said...

Just came across this, thought you'd be interested in seeing it...

Barleyvine said...

That looks pretty cool. Obviously won't make the summer fest, but I signed up to see if I can win tickets to the winterfest.