Monday, July 27, 2009

Saint Arnold's Divine Reserve 7

Last night I decided to crack open one of my last bottles of Saint Arnold's Divine Reserve 7. Most DR's are made to stand up over time, however this one being a wheat based beer had the potential to not age very well, so after almost 10 months I was curious to see what changes their were to this beer. As a reminder this is a Weizen bock and it weighs in at 8.7%. Here are my notes from last time. Just a note about how I age my beers. I use a temperature controlled wine fridge and keep it around 50-55 deg F.
The Beer: It pours a deep rich brown with a thick white taupe colored head. It still looks like a good beer. The nose is roasted malts, a slight banana and cloves, chocolate. The mouthfeel is full, with notes of chocolate, dried coco and again a hint of banana. A comparison I make is chocolate covered banana slices. Its not a lot, but the hint of it adds a nice complexity. Its very smooth, the rough edges that it had when young are gone, very enjoying. No alcohol burn. However, the beer seems to be fading, I may have missed a sweet spot here. The flavors are all there, but they seem to fade quickly leaving a very short finish on the palate. I'd say this one is still very good, but drink them now as I'm not sure how much longer they'll age properly.


Machuca said...

I only bought one six pack of DR7 when it came out and drank it fresh.

Now DR6. That is another story. With six months on it, it was perfect. Butterscotch-y, smooth. Great sipper.

Do you have any DR6 left?

Barleyvine said...

Yeah I have a few bottles left although I haven't had one for months. It might be time to see how its doing.